GE Logiq V1 & V2

The GE LOGIQ V2 color and the V1 B&W portable ultrasound machine is a high-performance, compact-laptop based ultrasound imaging system, designed for Abdominal, Small Parts, Vascular/Peripheral Vascular, Transcranial applications. The LOGIQ V2 helps you produce high quality images using CrossXBeam (Spatial Compounding), SRI HD (Speckle Reduction Imaging in High Definition), and Coded Harmonics. Includes workflow features such as Raw Data for post-processing of images, Automatic Optimization, Virtual Convex, and B-Steer, which maneuvers the ultrasound beam for better visualization of the needle (available on linear probes). Scanning modes include B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Flow, Pulsed Wave, and Power Doppler. Ergonomic features include the built in carrying handle, 15 inch flexible LCD with wide viewing angle, intuitive keyboard, user programmable presets and an AC power cord. 

​Three Year Warranty on the system and probes

GE NextGen LOGIQ e R7 

LOGIQ e Needle Recognition Software Option which helps provide precise and accurate display of the needle, anatomy and motion even in Color and Power Doppler. This feature harnesses pattern recognition technology that recognizes and accurately reveals the structure of a needle within the anatomy, without distortion of the needle and compromising the target. Also includes the ability to adjust needle gain and angle. Standard package includes AC power cord (USA), internet cord 3 meter in length CAT-5 type, PC to HUB structure, system software on USB, Optional Function Key Label, Ultrasound Transmission Gel .25L, English Basic Service Manual CD and English User Guide and AIUM booklet. The following scanning modes are included: B-mode, M-mode, anatomical M-mode, color flow mode, power Doppler imaging, pulsed wave Doppler and Ophthalmic. USA version includes:

5 year standard warranty and one day of On-site Applications Training.

Vivid e

High performance quality. Low capital investment.

You can get excellent imaging in a solution that’s still economical. All in a smart ultrasound system that works for any clinical environment. With comprehensive cardiac functionality, you can use Vivid* e as either a primary or secondary diagnostic system.

And its shared service capabilities include vascular, abdominal, and OB/GYN imaging.

Venue 40

Simple yet sophisticated technology gives you the power of ultrasound with an affordable, high-resolution and remarkably intuitive system.

Logiq e BT 12

Amazing accuracy leads to amazing outcomes. 

Amazing accuracy and immediate information help you excel in providing patient care. The LOGIQ e high-resolution image quality gives you the information you need to help make quick decisions with confidence.

Its versatility, compact profile, precision tools and easy-to-use platform make the LOGIQ e well-suited for point-of-care imaging for musculoskeletal, rheumatology, interventional, anesthesia and pain management, emergency and critical care. 

​Five Year Warranty on system and probes

GE Portable Ultrasound