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Here are some questions to ask:

  1. This is obvious, but what will the system be used for? Also, think about new applications you might add in the future as well. If it's something that requires a new transducer, software or in some cases a different system, it is cheaper to make the purchase up front.

  2. New vs. Used? With most of the new systems we offer, you get a 3-5 year warranty. Adding a service contract to a refurbished or used system can wind up costing as much as a new system over the long run. Plus, if you are leasing the system, your interest rates will be lower on a new system. New systems can offer better image quality, longer warranty and will last longer. Buying a used system should get you a lower entry price and may give you better image quality and features if you were to buy a new lower-end system.

  3. What features, transducers, software and peripherals do you really need? How good of image quality do you really need? How portable does the system need to be?

Our CEO has 32 years experience in ultrasound  and  he is available to speak with you personally. Just call 800-516-2663 today to schedule a phone conference or video conference where we can show you some systems live online. Please check out our image comparison page!

What is the best ultrasound system for me?

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At Diagnostic Instruments, Inc., portable ultrasound systems are our specialty and since 1998 we helped thousands of physicians  save time and money on their ultrasound purchases.

We can help you select the system that best fits your needs and your budget. We sell new and used portable ultrasound equipment from most manufacturers. We sell GE, SonoSite, Konica Minolta, Terason, Philips, Biosound, Mindray and Chison Ultrasound Systems

Diagnostic Instruments, Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. We have been helping customers with their ultrasound needs since 1998 and maintain an A+ BBB rating.