HS1 Clinical Images

Konica Minolta Sonimage HS1

Best-in-class imaging!

The SONIMAGE HS1, with its high sensitivity and broadband linear probe, features several advancements in transducer technology, such as a multi-level matching layer, optimized component materials, and nanofabrication technology. SONIMAGE HS1 uses a five-level wave control algorithm to generate separate harmonic signals that cover the entire receive spectrum of the system. As a result, SONIMAGE HS1 overcomes many common trade-offs between resolution and penetration, providing the right balance for optimum, best-in-class image quality.

Konica Minolta Portable and Handheld Ultrasound

Konica Minolta J5

The J5 Ultrasound System offers touchscreen simplicity and intuitive workflow
with focused musculoskeletal (MSK) exams in a compact, portable footprint —
exactly what you need to make fast, confident decisions at the point-of-care. The J5
System is especially well suited for evaluations in sports medicine, orthopedics and
rheumatology that require needle visualization for ultrasound-guided injections and
biopsies, and is optimized for the office environment providing:
• Increased staff efficiency
• Enhanced patient satisfaction
• Higher practice revenue