Mindray M9 Premium Cardio-Vascular Ultrasound

Premium Capability - Easy Mobility

Based on Mindray's new generation ultrasound platform, mQuadro, M9 has raised the industry standards to an all new level. Advanced signal transmission and reception processors provide highly sensitive and accurate echo detection. Innovative transducer technologies allow for better penetration, higher resolution, greatly enhancing your diagnostic experience.

Mindray TE7 Tablet Ultrasound

The TE7 combines an intuitive user interface with a simplified workflow, an innovative ergonomic design, and focused exam presets. It is designed to provide superior-quality imaging to enable clinicians to make patient-care decisions more quickly.

Mindray DP-50 B&W Portable Ultrasound

High Quality at an Affordable Price

Today medical technology is enhanced with significant advances. As a caring professional, you seek to utilize these advances for your patient’s benefit. Mindray’s new DP-50 is a legendary black & white ultrasound system that allows you to do more in less time without any compromise in quality of diagnosis. Designed as a stepping stone into the world of ultrasound, DP-50 will provide excellent image quality, while staying within your budget.

Mindray DP-30 B&W Portable Ultrasound

Exceed Your Expectations

The Mindray DP-30 is a powerful, feature packed B&W Ultrasound Imaging System. Perhaps the best feature is its cost effectiveness. Designed for high performance and value, this system exceeds expectations. The DP-30 can be the perfect fit for those just getting started with ultrasound or the experienced user looking to upgrade their current platform.

Mindray Z6 Color Doppler Portable Ultrasound

The Best Ultrasound Value Available!

The Z6 portable Color Doppler ultrasound system is a well-balanced choice for those who require both the value of features from traditional color Doppler ultrasound system and the accessibility without any budget constraint. Inherited from our remarkable design and success, in the field of developing ultrasound, the Z6 system will offer you amazing image quality and functionality with refreshing experience: we’ve done better to help you achieve more.

Mindray M7 Color Doppler Portable Ultrasound

The Mindray M7 epitomizes the optimal combination of advanced imaging technologies and miniaturization technologies in a portable ultrasound system. Mindray research and development engineers employ the System On Chip (SOC) design within the M7 ultrasound system. SOC enables complex technologies to be built into the M7’s compact laptop style chassis. Medical devices built around SOC designs are energy efficient and highly reliable. The M7’s exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand carried ultrasound imaging systems.

Mindray ​Portable Ultrasound Systems