Regenerative Medicine

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy are in the mainstream press and your patients are probably asking you about these treatments. Since most insurers do not cover these treatments, you may have decided not to add these therapies to your practice. A search on PubMed returns over 31,000 hits on Regenerative Medicine and 870 on PRP as of this date. There are some negative studies, but these are in the minority and some question the methods and materials used in these. Regenerative Medicine practices are thriving on word-of-mouth advertising. because these treatments work in high percentage of patients.

We have set up practices that successfully integrate regenerative medicine as a cash pay model. One of the most successful has been in northern Idaho. They generate over 4 million a year in a low income town of 50,000 people. You don't have to cater to an affluent population.

We can help you get started!

We have a complete program where we set everything up:

  • Training
  • Staffing
  • Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • We even will send patients that are willing to pay cash for the procedure to you
  • We help you duplicate our success for a small percentage of the fees

Or we have more basic services that include;

  • Training
  • Website help
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Posters and advertising
  • Just purchase the basic starter kit that includes the centrifuge, five PRP kits and one stem cell kit for $3,900!

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